Tired of poor user stories? Ask Pipit!

Save Time

Are you tired of checking your formulations manually? Pipit gives you a pause and automatically points out things to improve. Like your best mate, but always available.

Save Money

Poor user stories lead to system defects that are expensive to remove. Use Pipit to control user story quality and spend your money on new functionalities instead of bug fixing.

Save Nerves

So much energy flows into discussing stuff at work. Make sure it is about the concepts, not about the language.

Let Pipit fly over your text.

Not enough time to check whether your User Story is written well and understandable? No worries. Pipit takes care of that for you and reveals in real time misleading phrases and other language problems.


Ask Pipit how to improve.

Simply displaying errors is useless if you do not understand where you need to work on. We agree with that! That’s why Pipit explains for every smell what exactly the problem is and how you can resolve the issue.

Seamless integration with Jira.

Nobody wants to constantly switch between tools. Therefore, we developed Pipit as a plugin that you can use directly in your Jira projects. So what are you waiting for? Improve your user stories by using Pipit!

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    Why do we care?

    Qualicen is dedicated to high quality software engineering products. We’ve seen the worst, believe us. And that’s why we care. Not just about your JIRA stuff, but about processes, tools, requirements, test cases, and so much more.